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Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Ministry videos

As more Christian ministries emerge there seems to be less funding to share around.


If however you want to make your ministry stand out from the crowd, your financers to take notice and the ability to attract new funding then the best way to do that is to provide video updates which can be shared and viewed on social media.

Firefall Studios are the Christian video social media specialists and are able to tailor you a video that will appeal to the audience that you’re aiming to reach while glorifying God and Jesus.

We are available for mission trips ranging from a weekend to a week or available for a one day filming session to capture the essence of what your ministry is doing.

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Ministry Videos

Online Evangelism setup

If you are an Evangelist or preacher who wants to reach a new audience then Firefall Studios can help you achieve that aim.

More and more people are visiting social media channels every day and currently there is a lack of Christian content on there in order to glorify God and Jesus.

If you feel a calling to reach those people then we can either help you get setup with the correct video producing equipment and training or produce videos for you for your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

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Online Evangelism Setup

Video production consultations

Is your church or ministry wanting to start doing Christian video yourself but don’t know where to start in terms of equipment or aren’t quite sure what skills you might need?

If you want to create video for your church services or for social media then we are able to tailor for you a consultation that can include any of the following

  • What equipment do I need?

  • How do I do it? (camera and editing training)

  • How do I share it?


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Video Production Consultations

Christian Academy Workshops

Do you run a Christian academy and would you like your students to be able to glorify God and Jesus through the medium of video.


We are available to come and provide masterclasses.

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Support & Donate

Help us to reach more Christians and a bigger audience

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